How to Select a Preschool

Choosing the right preschool makes a difference

Choosing the right preschool makes a difference

If you’ve had your child at home until preschool (and even if you haven’t) it can be a daunting decision to think about your choices. What is the best school for your child and how to you ensure that you start them off on the right foot?

Here are some considerations that may help you as you make the decision for yourself and your child.

1.    Play versus work: Some nursery schools see their task as helping kids to socialize and listen to rules. They emphasize play time a great deal. Other schools focus more on work, introducing letters to children sitting in school desks, asking kids to recognize numbers and such. Ask at the schools that you visit what they focus on the most and find out what the school day looks like.

2.    School day length: Do you want your child in a full day program or a half day one? Do you want them to go every day or every other day? These are obviously important considerations.

3.    Class size: Some schools are quite large and others are very small.

4.    Religious education: Some preschools take place in churches or synagogues and have a religious component to them. You obviously have to decide for yourselves if this is something that you want.

Armed with these ideas, you should be able to find the best location for your child.