Early Childhood Education Gives Results

nurturing teacherThere are many benefits to early childhood education for children from low-income families. In one famous study conducted in Ypsilanti, Michigan, 3-4 year olds were randomly assigned to a group that did not receive preschool education, and another group that did. Results of the study showed that there was a five times greater chance of those children that did not receive a pre-school education to become chronic lawbreakers by the time they reached 18 than those that did get early childhood education.

The same Michigan study showed that low-income children who were enrolled in a good preschool program had higher salaries than those that did not, by age 40, of about $5500 per year. There was also a greater likelihood of people who went to preschool to graduate from high school, own a home, and keep their marriages together longer.

The reason such results are seen are pretty clear. From the moment a visitor steps up to the reception desk until they end their visit they will see an environment which is nurturing, stimulating, and secure. The children’s physical needs are met to a high standard, while their emotional needs are also supported. It is no wonder that children with such a strong, healthy foundation grow up to be successful members of their communities.