Imaginative Play in Preschools

Children Learn Through Play

Children Learn Through Play

Preschoolers love to play pretend games.  Anything with imagination is great.  They do not require fancy toys or expensive games – just give them some space and they’ll find something fun to do.  In fact, if there a bunch of stacking chairs in the classroom, move them to the side and open up the room for the little kids to explore their possibilities.  It’s amazing what they can come with, even if there are very few toys around.

Indeed, sometimes, the less distractions, the better.

Besides which, children are naturally creative and imaginative.  Even if they find an old toothbrush they can use that for play.  They are very good at substituting what they have for something that they want. Just let them tap into their imaginations and wait for the magic to happen.  It is amazing what they can come up with.

Indeed, as one drama teacher, Karey James noted on an education website “Creative play is the key to all learning, I find.  If you allow a child to be creative and express themselves, you are spurring a deep-rooted curiosity in the world and a desire to learn all there is to learn!”